Keith Urban was on Ellen on Friday (April 27) to promote his new album Graffiti U. But host Ellen DeGeneres seemed to only want to talk about how Urban smells.

In case you were wondering, she says he smells intoxicating. "I've known it for a long time. We shot a perfume commercial together," DeGeneres jokes, showing a parody of a perfume commercial that the pair filmed.

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It turns out DeGeneres isn't the only one who enjoys the native Aussie's scent. "It was just odd,” Urban says, recalling a recent run-in he and wife Nicole Kidman had with Olympic skater Adam Rippon at the Time 100 gala. "Nic and I love Adam. He is fantastic. So we got to meet him and Nic was talking and she said, ‘You smell great, Adam.’ And she goes. ‘My husband smells good, too — smell him.’ So Adam leans in."

Urban says Rippon would later tell attendees that getting to smell Urban was a dream come true.


Of course, while on the show, Urban also had the chance to fill DeGeneres in on how he and wife Nicole actually ended up singing together at a recent event after he answered her heckles from the back of the room. "I never though she would do it because it’s very excruciating for her to do that, but she did," he says. “She got up and sang it!"

Graffiti U hit shelves on Friday (April 27).

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