Here I thought I was a big shot by giving 20% tips. A Colorado Uber driver received a tip ultimately resulting in a colossal amount of money. At the end of a chain of events, the tip totaled $140,000.

According to Fox 31 Denver, the winner, a Lakewood resident wishing to maintain his secret identity, received a $5 Super Special Ultimate Bingo scratch ticket from a passenger. From there, the tip snowballed into a significantly larger amount.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Uber driver receives $5 scratch ticket
  • That ticket is a winner for the amount of $30
  • Uber driver spends the $30 winnings to buy more tickets
  • Uber driver keeps winning on subsequent ticket purchases
  • Six weeks goes by ... still buying tickets with previous winnings
  • Uber drivers stops by a Centennial store last Wednesday (April 25) and buys more tickets
  • This purchase results in a $140,000 winning ticket
  • Uber driver goes to the claims office in Denver on Thursday to collect his winnings

According to Fox 31 Denver, the prize winner intends to give a large portion of the winnings to his parents. It seems they've bailed him out of financial situations a time or two in the past. He also wants to invest some of the money into his car. In case you're wondering, he does intend to continue driving for Uber. Do you blame him?

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