Barely 96 hours ago I had never heard of the Manitou Incline. Since then it has been all over the news. Per your requests, I'll be setting out shortly to face what many call "Colorado's Craziest Hike."

I was born and raised in Western Colorado, and yet never heard of the Manitou Incline. This is surprising considering I fancy myself an avid hiker. Granted, when my hiking companion Fluffy died last September I slacked off a little. Well, it's time to get back on track.

Looking back on the week of April 23 through 27, the Manitou Incline has been in the news almost every day. Most recently, this amazing story has made headlines around the country.

Upon hearing about this hike, I asked you to let me know if it was even feasible that I make an attempt. It went to a survey, and the results are:

Manitou Incline hike results

Wow, I'm flattered. It appears 93.75 percent of you believe I can make this hike. You obviously haven't seen my gut. I really appreciate the fact no one voted for option #3- "He should try it, but will probably never make it." Thank you for that.

Well, I've contacted a friend in Colorado Springs and let them know I'm heading their way. With any luck, before too long, I'll have a chance to make this hike. Thank you for the encouragement.

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