They stopped short of an outright ban, but If I drank coffee this MIGHT stop me from drinking theirs!

I have to say I feel bad for them. In case you didn't see the news, Starbucks has found itself targeted by gun control advocates after they deferred to local law and allowed guns in their stores IF local ordinances allowed it.

Unfortunately what happened after this announcement is what led to their decision to ask customers to STOP bringing guns into their stores.

Apparently people started "Starbucks Appreciation Days," which encouraged gun rights advocates to patronize Starbucks WITH their firearms, which the CEO said, "made our customers uncomfortable."

All they were saying was they would follow the local law, but folks mischaracterized the companies stance and as their CEO says, the company was "thrust unwillingly" into the debate over firearms.

He also hopes people will honor the request not to bring in guns, but says the company will serve those who do.

Wee want to know . . .

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