Colorado has decided enough is enough and is looking to ban polystyrene products.

Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam, has been in the mainstream for decades, but as one trip to a landfill will show you, it doesn't break down. Add to that the fact that there are carcinogenic materials in polystyrene and you can understand the ban.

Colorado Senate Bill 19-243 gives restaurants, etc until 2024 to deplete the polystyrene containers they currently have and will need to show they have ordered no more. After January 1, 2024, if the bill passes, foam products such as polystyrene will be illegal to use anywhere in the state,

With a growing number of people looking for eco-friendly alternatives, the ban would discontinue manufacturing of the styrofoam containers we use currently and force them to replace it with something that won't harm the environment.

Some projections have landfills with nearly 30% of the trash in the landfill made up of polystyrene. And since it does not degrade, it can only take up more and more space.

In an effort to clean up Colorado, this is one huge step.


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