A dad in Colorado wants to make it illegal for a child under 13 to own a smartphone.

We do have to admit, that as a society, we spend way too much time on our devices and not enough actually talking to each other. That includes our children as well.

This is what inspired Tim Farnum, a Denver father of five, to push for this reform. He compares the addiction to phones on the same plane as tobacco and alcohol. In fact, the idea came about after watching two of his kids going through withdraws when he tried to restrict their phone privileges. So, he created the Preservation of Natural Childhood Initiative.

He also has founded the organization PAUS: Parents Against Underage Smartphones. 

If this became a ballot issue, how would you vote?

Do you agree that our kids are overly dependent on their phones? I witness, on many occasions, groups of kids standing or sitting together with their faces buried in their phones.

Guess who they are texting? The person right next to them! I'm not sure if this type of law is constitutional or not. PAUS argues that there are age restrictions for alcohol and tobacco, why not smartphones?

Ban or no ban? What else can be done? Should we as parents accept this responsibility?

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