Driving is something we have to do if we want to get anywhere around here, but there sure are some bad drivers.

I spent the weekend driving around to various places and one would think, with fewer people working during the weekend that it would be a nice, sane drive.

It wasn't.

On my way to the studio from Fruita I was:

Nearly cut off and run into the ditch by a car from California, nearly t-boned by someone with Iowa plates and was cut off on North Avenue by someone from, of all places, Alaska. How did they even get their car here?

Not to say Colorado drivers, and Western Slope drivers, in particular, aren't lacking in the driving skills department, but we just know how to drive around here. But visitors? They don't know how excellent our roundabout skills are. They aren't used to slowing down a half mile before the highway exit, and they certainly don't get how nice we are on the roads.

Once you're here for awhile and get your Colorado plates, you then become like those of us who have lived here a long time. Patient, kind, mindful drivers who are always looking out for the other guy.

Sunny or not, we here in the Grand Valley know how to drive, we just need to teach everyone else.

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