Colorado thinks that the drivers of this type of car are the actual worst. These are the worst drivers on the road, based on their car, according to Colorado.

For some reason whenever you witness a terrible driver, they almost always seem to be driving this kind of car. For me, the first kind of car I think of is the Toyota Camry. We asked you 'in your opinion, the worst drivers on the road drive which vehicle?' and this is Colorado had to say.

Colorado thinks the absolute worst drivers on the road are the people driving Subarus. Some of you had specific models of Subarus, like a 'Subaru Outback' or 'the green Subaru on I-70 EB this morning.' Subaru drivers are the worst drivers on the road, according to you.

The next worst driver on the road, after Subaru drivers, are Prius drivers. Colorado had no hesitation saying 'Prius drivers for sure lol' or 'hands down those people should just stay home.' Some even called out the stickers they've seen on a bad driver's Prius. According to Colorado, you should especially watch out for the 'free Tibet' and 'coexist' stickers.

Some of Colorado didn't have a kind of car that they think is a bad driver, they had things like car colors in mind. One person commented that drivers in a 'tan/champagne colored anything' are the worst drivers on the road. Others say 'no vehicle specifically, just the older people.'

  • Drivers with California license plates
  • People on bicycles
  • Drivers who don't use their blinkers
  • Drivers on their cellphones
  • Drivers who camp in the left lane

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