Has anyone ever stolen your car or any vehicle for that matter? Believe it or not about 20 years ago I had a pick-up stolen then five years later I had a car stolen. Most car thefts are crimes of opportunity and there are some things you can do to make it harder for a thief to steal your car.

Apparently car thefts are on the rise and Grand Junction is a hot spot. According to the Grand Junction Police Department, many car thefts happen because someone left their car unlocked and some people actually leave keys in their cars. If you do not have a garage and you have to leave your car parked out in the open lock your car door, roll up your windows, and if possible leave your car under a well-lighted area. Thieves are also looking at ways to make money so if they see a purse or money in the ashtray that is going to be very tempting to a thief. For more information about preventing auto theft visit lockdownyourcar.org.

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