You see them time and again, articles on how bad the Western Slope of Colorado is.

This one talks about how bad it is in Delta and Montrose for crying out loud!

They talk about how bad the jobs are, or places to live, or crime, it seems no matter what, we are always lagging behind our front range brethren. Mostly because we have fewer people, so the rates for certain things are higher.

I would like to know why.

I have lived on the Western Slope since 1993 and in that time I have raised a family, held several jobs, brought a home and more. I would have done none of those things in any other part of the state, so why the knock on the Western Slope?

Let's start with the most beautiful places in the state, When people talk about those areas, how many are on the front range? Not many.

West of the Continental Divide in Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful areas on Earth, let alone Colorado.

Take the Maroon Bells, for example. One of the most photographed and shared pictures ever. Where on the front range will you find anything close to the beauty of this? Nowhere.

I will tell you one thing the front range has that we don't.

Our water. But since most of the people are on the front range they, of course, need it more than we do.

Is the Western Slope perfect? Of course it isn't. Better jobs and better housing would go a long way towards improving things here. But I love living here. I am glad I raised my family here, and I would do it all again. As would many of you.

Epic scenery, amazing hiking trails and more history than most people ever thought. I like the Western Slope. I wouldn't live anywhere else.



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