The Grand Junction city flower, also known as the orange construction cone, seems to spring up everywhere in the summer.

Construction is always needed, we can't argue that. And although I don't like to drive around construction or take different routes, it is better in the long run for the city.

I find myself driving in areas of town that really need construction but they are lacking in orange flowers. There is a road off F 1/2 that has more potholes than asphalt. That road definitely needs some attention. There is only so much work and change that can be done in a year, so let's make sure the most important changes are top priority.

Let's put the biggest construction needs on the radar for the City of Grand Junction. Where is a need?

Riverside Parkway and 29 Road Bridge were two huge requests from Orchard Mesa residents and Grand Junction turned them into reality. The city might not know the need until it is voiced; your input matters.

Is there a place in town that needs a stoplight or stop sign? Possibly more lanes added or new roads?  This town is growing every year which creates more vehicles on the road and more transportation needs.

Let's make the important changes happen.

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