It seems as if the construction on 7th Street in Grand Junction has been going on for an eternity. All of this construction makes me question, will I ever drive down 7th Street again?

What seems like ages ago, the construction began. My commute to work has never been the same since. Now, I avoid 7th Street when I used to drive on it every single day, multiple time a day.

My commute now consists of driving down way more streets than I used to, driving through neighborhoods and stopping at numerous stoplights and stop signs.

Slowly but surely, the construction seems like it's condensing. A part of 7th Street (from Bookcliff to Patterson) is clear of dreaded orange cones. But, not all of it is clear. I wonder if the construction on 7th was slowed down by the excavator that was stolen.

I'll eventually get to drive all the way down 7th Street (like I used to ) but not until the construction clears.

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