Get ready to flash back to the Cretaceous period.

The man in this video shows off some serious impersonation chops by doing his impression of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Based on what we know about the long-extinct animals, he has the movements down pat, but what really takes this to the next level are the noises he makes. It's amazing that he can have that kind of range.

So, who is this guy? He's Jack Lewis, a scaffolder from Britain.

It's a nifty talent he has. Besides wowing his buddies and putting it on display at a party, we're not sure what practical application is has, unless he takes a job at some sort of children's dinosaur park and unleashes it when it comes time to get all the little boys and girls out at closing time.

That, or maybe he works as a consultant on the next Jurassic World movie.

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