Do you know about Grand Junction's Groundhog Day Legend?

Everyone knows Puxatawney Phil. That overweight, lazy, spoiled varmint in Pennsylvania that only works one day out of the year.

Annual Winter Tradition Of Groundhog Day Celebrated In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
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But, here in Grand Junction, there has been a legendary creature foretelling the weather here for millions and millions of years. He may not be as well known as that ridiculous over-sized gerbil, but I think it's time that the rest of the world gets to know him better.

Admittedly, he's a tad shy. Plus, a little self-conscious about the 'short arms' thing, but overall I think he makes a MUCH better representative for this particular event.

It's 'T' the Grand Junction Groundhog! Did he see HIS shadow??

NO SHADOW! Woo Hoo! Or 'ROAR' in 'T's case. So, according to the findings spring will arrive early.

On top of that, 'T' would gobble that rat up in one single nibble.

Here's to the Grand Junction Jurassic!

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