Well, it's not exactly a Jurassic Park moment.

My good friend the T-Rex has not been seen in a while. The calls, e-mails, and letters have been pouring in wondering where this legendary 'tyrant lizard' has been.

But, in stepped an angel. Grand Junction resident Jan Stanko is not an archaeologist, anthropologist or even a science teacher, BUT she rescued and saved my T-Rex from a fateful conclusion. You see, Jan is a seamstress and runs Altered Destinies, which handles all sorts of alterations and many types of clothing emergencies.


It was a sad day when I realized that this T-Rex may go the way of the actual dinosaurs. 'T' (as I call him) suffered from an almost fatal incident. His zipper broke.

So, in comes Jan. She was calm, cool and collected. Showed no signs of alarm or even a slight bit of panic. She is truly professional. I call her an expert Zipper-ologist. She managed to get T back to his former shape. And after a little rest and recovery, T is ready to go out and hit the streets of Grand Junction again!