Horned dinosaur bones have been found at a construction site in Colorado. These dinosaur bones date back 66 to 68 million years ago.

Dinosaur bones have been found at a construction site near Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Construction workers were working on building a retirement community when they found the fossils.

Now the Denver Museum of Nature & Science team is currently excavating the dinosaur bones now. The chief fossil preparator, Natalie Toth, says the bones are likely from a horned dinosaur, likely a torosaurus or triceratops, according to 13WMAZ.

The team continues to find more and more bones, a skull and scapula are some of their latest finds. These horned dinosaur bones are around 66-68 millions of years old, which means the bones are pretty spread out.

As long as the team keeps finding dinosaur bones, they'll keep digging. I wonder if this will make this retirement home some sort of historical/prehistorical site after they're done excavating.

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