Harmless monsters roamed the streets of Grand Junction. No buildings were destroyed, no people were eaten, just some laughs for everyone involved. 

We grabbed the inflatable T.Rex and Godzilla suits and hit the town. We "ate" many unsuspecting heads, tested our strength at the gym, got wired on coffee, stole food, and swam underwater in an ocean themed office party.

We learned that a T. Rex won't be winning a pull-up competition anytime soon and that long tails are incredibly dangerous in big crowds or small spaces.

I was in the T-Rex suit and I don't know how those poor dinosaurs got anything done with their short arms and a huge head. Trying to itch my face, grab weights, do a pull-up, or drink coffee were all impossible tasks with my mini arms. No coffee?? How did the T-Rex survive? Keyes roamed in the Godzilla suit and with a number of times his tail got stuck or stepped on, I think he would be a tailless Godzilla in real life.

We had a great time exploring Grand Junction with a new perspective. Stay tuned for the 'Godzilla and T. Rex Hit The Gym' video.

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