What if we were to become our OWN state?

I think a lot of us on the Western Slope are tired of being lumped in with the Front Range as 'Colorado.' Not that we are not proud to be Coloradans. But, that are vast differences between that side and this side of the state.

For me, I'm tired of my friends back in Wisconsin saying 'Hey we're coming out to Denver, maybe we'll swing by.' Or 'How much snow did you get? Denver got 22 inches?'

Meanwhile, it's a clear blue sky and 35 degrees here in the Grand Valley.

Think about the weather. Completely different from Denver.

Grand Junction:

  • we average 300 days of sunshine
  • average just a handful of snow and about 9 inches of rain.
  • we don't get affected by the Chinook Winds.
  • plus, we always seem to make those 'Best Places To Live' polls.


  • 115 sunshine day
  • more than 54 inches of snow.
  • 18th coldest major U.S. city as of 2014.
  • Denver has received two of the top 10 costliest hailstorms in United States history

Obvious, our political views are different as well. Denver is majority Democratic. This past election really showed the difference. Although Hillary won the state overall 47 percent to 44 percent,  the numbers here on the Western Slope were quite different.  Mesa County voted Donald Trump 68 per cent.

Denver voted Hillary 73 percent.

I believe it is time for our own identity. If it takes becoming the 51st state in the union, so be it.

We are going to need a name, though. Thoughts?