Would you like to see the top of Mt. Garfield without taking on the intense burn in your thighs which accompany the hike? This amazing photographer has done the dirty work for you.

I climbed Mt. Garfield again last Sunday morning. No matter how many times you climb it, you'll always enjoy an intense burn in your legs as you make the ascent. You'll feel it again on your way down as your ride your brakes.

This photographer, Jay Heusser, is an absolute artist. I've made many a climb over the years and posted several pictures to the web. To date, however, I've never shot images like this.

Check out the new flag at the top. At 49-seconds into the video, you'll see images of a tattered flag. That particular flag was taken down right around Thanksgiving and replaced with a new, smaller flag.

The high winds which constantly blow over the summit of Mt. Garfield can and will reek havoc with a flag. Two months is the average lifespan. Fortunately, a number of dedicated people see that the flag is replaced periodically.

Climb Mt. Garfield the first chance you get. As of December 13, the weather is still enjoyable, there's no snow on the mountain, and the trails are easy to find. If you can't make the climb, make certain to enjoy this video.

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