Craigslist always has some interesting free things up for grabs, to say the least. These are seven very weird, but very free things on Western Slope Craigslist right now.

  • 1

    Fuzzy Minature Pig

    If you're ever wanted a fuzzy, miniature pig, here is your chance. No just kidding, a guinea pig is like a hamster, but bigger. Get you a free one year old female guinea pig on Western Slope Craigslist -- cage included.

  • 2

    Nothing But Net, Literally

    This item is the literal, physical form of 'nothing but net.' The basketball rim, backboard and net are free, but there's no pole included. Swoosh? Good luck with your trick shot on this one.

  • 3

    Triangle Tub

    I can't say I've ever seen a hot tub shaped like before, therefore I'm calling it the triangle tub. Hopefully you have a big truck. Because to get this triangle tub home, you've got to pick it up yourself.

  • 4

    Tarp Tent

    I know a tarp tent doesn't really sound that intriguing (or does it?) but it's free. This 6-8 person tent includes a rain flap and poles and the zipper is broken by the way. The owner suggests using it "as tarp or whatever."

  • 5

    Wine-os, This Is For You

    This item on Western Slope Craigslist is a wine-o's dream. It's 59 wine bottles and i goes to the first person that picks them up. It didn't specify whether they're empty or full and I'm an optimist. So the optimistic side of me hopes they're full.

  • 6

    Vintage Snowmobile

    Let's take it back, back to 1979. This vintage snowmobile is straight out of the 70's. It's a 1979 Arctic Cat Jag snowmobile. Don't get bent out of shape, but this free snowmobile's drive shaft may or may not be bent.

  • 7

    Silkie Smoothness

    Dealing with this much silkiness at the same time might be too much. But, you might not get the chance to have two at the same time, so get you two free silkie -- roosters. For free, from Craigslist.

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