You can find some crazy stuff on Grand Junction's Craiglist. From poems to someone trying to find their dog park lover, Grand Junction's Craigslist is wild.

You really never know what you'll find on Grand Junction's Craigslist. There are antiques, free stuff being given away, and people attempting to reconnect with each other via the 'Missed Connections section. We went through all of the craziness so you don't have to.

Here are just a few things we found that only prove how wild Grand Junction's Craigslist is.

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Dog Park Lover

Looks like someone on Grand Junction's Craigslist is searching for their dog park lover. Their listing states that they crossed paths with this person at the dog park a few times. The person they're looking for complimented their Frenchie and they complimented their big dog. Maybe you're this person's dog park lover that they've been searching for.

Drone Found in the Desert

A drone was recently found in the desert, according to this listing on Grand Junction's Craigslist. The drone was found in the desert north of Grand Junction and if you're missing one, you can contact them here. We're sure that whoever lost a drone knows they lost a drone and would love to get it back.

A Poem From Parachute

This poem on Grand Junction's Craigslist was written by someone in Parachute:

I cried out to you last night.
Please tell me if you heard.
Please give me a sign that you're out there.

I reach out to you in my dreams often, but this was different. I love you, and I remember you every day.

I never got that poster, though I am the one who was scared. I owe you everything. I can't let go.

We're not sure who or what this poem on Grand Junction's Craigslist is about but it makes us sad. Everyone has a different outlet, from working out to talking with friends, and for some, it's venting on Grand Junction's Craigslist.

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