I love flowers and use to know a farmer who grew sunflowers and every year we would stop by and get our picture taken right in the middle of the sunflowers they were so awesome.

If you love irises there is a field next to Palisade Church and they are in full bloom right now. You will see irises upon irises over the next several weeks. They are absolutely beautiful and if you would like to take some home you can. You can pick them for a bouquet or dig them up by the roots for replanting even.

John Cox says his father gave him his first set about 20 years ago and he just keeps seeing them multiply. If you haven't had a chance yet to drive buy to take a picture or to dig some up you need to.

John Cox is now 71  and he says anyone who would like some is welcome to dig some up. You can find the irises  3702 G Road.

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