A trick shot by a Colorado high school student, Jenna Marie Adams, has gone viral. Check out her sick trick shot with a basketball at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs.

This trick shot definitely deserves to go viral. Jenna Marie Adams does a front handspring (I think, it's been a while since I've done gymnastics) and effortlessly grabs and throws the basketball.

After Jenna throws the basketball, she drops into a squat as she waits for that triumphant 'swoosh!.' Once she hears it, she pops up, raises her arm and is met with applause from everyone in the Rampart High School gym. Also a lot of yelling and what I think is an 'ohhhhhh yeahhhhh' from whoever is filming the trick shot.

The video has thousands of views and has been shared hundreds of times I think it deserves every one of those views. Do you have a sick trick shot that should go viral? If you do, send it to me.

Source: KKTV

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