Controversy surrounds a fun promotional contest during a University of Utah basketball game. It involves $5,000 and a half-court shot.

Utah Utes fan, Charlie Caine was selected to take part in a half-time event during their game last week against Eastern Washington. Simple. One shot from half-court. Make it and you get $5,000. So, that's what Charlie did. But, the school didn't want to pay him the money.

Here is where it gets interesting. Charlie is only 17. The school's policy states that contestants have to be at least 18 years of age. So, why did the school let Charlie shoot if they knew he was only 17?

Charlie claims that the school allowed him to shoot even though officials knew he was only 17. If that is the case, shouldn't Charlie get the money? There are claims that the school did that so no matter what they wouldn't have to pay the money.

But, there has been a lot of feedback on Twitter blaming Charlie for being in the wrong. Many are asking why he signed up knowing that he wasn't old enough or being accused of falsifying his age just so he could be eligible. 

I made the half court for $5,000 but got aced out of it because it was “against policy” that I was 17 even though they still let me shoot it. Still stoked I made the shot but I would appreciate some money.

— Charlie Caine (@ctcaine9) November 25, 2017

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