Do you recognize the young lady featured in this Grand Junction photo? I'm hoping to get this photo to her or her family. Can you help this Robert Grant photo find its way home?

The image above was taken by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant. It features a young lady who had just had a lengthy chunk of blonde ponytail cut. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the brave little girl is, when the picture was taken, or where it was taken.

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Have You Seen Me?

My grandpa, Bob Grant, bless his heart, was a wonderful man and a great photographer, but he had a tendency to fail to write down any information regarding his photos. As a result, this photo, which I estimate to be at least 60-years-old, has me guessing as to the subject's identity.

Hair Cut photo 3
Robert Grant

Art Show Piece

This photo, the dimensions of which I neglected to measure, but would guess to be at least 24" X 16", was printed as part of an art exhibit Bob Grant participated in years ago. As I recall, that exhibit was sponsored by Kodak and was held in New York City. When Bob Grant died, I inherited his photo collection, including dozens of pieces such as this from exhibits.

Not a Fashion Guru

It's difficult to tell, but judging by those horn-rimmed glasses, I can only assume this photo was taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Hair Cut photo 1
Robert Grant

I always get a kick out of this photo. Looking at her face, you'll notice her eyes are still closed. My guess is she has yet to open her eyes to witness the reveal of her newly cut ponytail being displayed to the right. For that matter, I'm curious as to her motivation for cutting her long hair in the first place.

Last year I published a similar post, hoping to get an "Ash Wednesday" photo back to the family of the photo's subject. That quest unfolded perfectly, and within a day the photo found its way to the subject's daughter who was still living in Grand Junction.

Having Fun With This

Recently I've posted a number of Robert Grant photo galleries. From time to time these posts manage to track down the identities of those pictured. In some instances, those individuals were unaware of the existence of the photos.

Life's Work

I have countless thousands of prints and negatives from Bob Grant's career. My dad spent the last 20 years of his life digitizing and cataloging Bob's photos. When my dad died two years ago, I took over the job. Right now my house is undergoing a major refit, and as a result, Bob's photos are being moved, shuffled, and resorted, and recategorized. Tracking down the identities of those pictured is proving very helpful.

Let's Get This Photo to the Family

Someone in Western Colorado knows who this young lady is. She's someone's daughter, possibly someone's sister, and may even be someone's mother or grandmother.

The picture is in a custom frame. I don't want anything for it. It's free to the family. Can you help this picture find its way home?

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