Here's a look back at life in Grand Junction in 1980. Riding in the back of a truck in the middle of winter didn't use to be a no-no. Who is this young man, and what's the story behind this photo?

The image was captured by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant in winter 1980. The photo was part of a gallery of Bob Grant photos which took off on social media a little over a week ago. A little info came my way as to the identity of this person.

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This is How We Used to Roll in Grand Junction

We drive trucks in Grand Junction. If you go back in time a little, we used to ride in the back of them. While that's frowned upon nowadays, it used to be commonplace. As you can see, the young man in the photo doesn't care it's snowing. Riding in the back of the truck is infinitely better than riding in the cab.

Who Is That?

After posting the gallery and having it get picked up by social media, the person in the photo came forward and identified himself. His name is Terry Scott. He was a resident of Palisade back in 1980, graduating from Palisade High School.

What Is He Up To?

In a couple of words... no good. If you look at the truck's rear window, you'll count four heads inside. According to Terry, he wasn't alone in the back of the truck. There's another person on board, for a total of six. They were freshmen at Palisade High School, ditching school for the day and taking a drive through town.

We ditched school that day, went to Main Street to Triple Play Records, I believe! We were headed back when the pic was taken. - Terry Scott via Facebook Messenger

Terry and I chatted back and forth earlier today on Facebook. He added, "I remember your grandfather taking the picture."

The Old "Get Your Driver's License and Ditch School" Trick

The owner and driver of the truck was his friend Byron Head. Byron had just received his driver's license that very day. The other person in the back of the truck hid so as to avoid having their picture taken. Considering they were all cutting class, it was probably best to go incognito.

Good Times

This photo was part of a gallery of Robert Grant's photos titled Historic Photos of Grand Junctionites Enjoying Their Lives.

Part of the Fun

One of the reasons why I enjoy publishing these photos and creating these galleries is to get Bob Grant's photos back in front of the public. Every once in a while I luck out and someone sees themselves or someone they recognize and get in touch with me to share info.

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