These are 17 Robert Grant photos showcasing people and places out of Western Colorado history. They've been selected completely at random, and sort of by accident.

Check out these Grand Junction area residents as they work, play, study, and hitchhike. Keep an eye out, you might see someone you recognize.

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Why At Random?

Here's how this came to be. I enjoy publishing posts featuring my grandpa Robert Grant's photos. At this very moment, I'm remodeling my home, especially the office where I keep all of his photos and negatives.

While moving boxes of prints over the weekend, a box accidentally dropped, scattering black and white prints all over the floor. As I placed the prints, most 8 X 10s, back in the box, a few caught my eye. These were set aside for further inspection. For some weird reason, I thought it would be fun to scan those prints and share them with you.

Which Western Colorado Residents Are In The Photos?

Everyone from Wayne Aspinal to little kids. There are several prints of teachers teaching, teachers on strike, even trapeze artists.

Several Decades of Western Colorado History Represented

These photos were selected totally at random. The box they came from was labeled "People Identified." The neighboring box, one I didn't drop, was labeled "People Unidentified."

These photos do not represent any particular year, topic, person, or event.

 This Was Fun

I had a good time doing this. My dad worked hard scanning Bob Grant's photos and negatives. He worked at it right up until the day he died. I'm trying to take over where he left off. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of photos and negatives covering 50 of Western Colorado history. Please enjoy.

Random Photos of Grand Junction by Robert Grant

These 16 photos were chosen strictly at random. All photos are by Robert Grant.

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