Do you recognize this person? Do you know anyone from her family? Waylon would like to get this photo to its proper home.

The photo above was taken by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant. This was among several prints Bog Grant displayed at a photography convention several decades ago. I'm not certain, but this photo was probably taken back in the 1960s.

Personally, I really enjoy the picture. Okay, so I'm a bit biased since the photographer was my grandpa. Regardless, I enjoy the sharp detail captured in this photo. Even more, I appreciate the contrast in the black and white print. This is vintage Bob Grant.

Roughly ten years ago I had this print framed, along with a few dozen more by Bob Grant, and displayed it as part of an art show focusing on his career. At the time, I had no knowledge as to the woman's identity. During the exhibit, someone in attendance informed me her name is Emalia Ochoa. An effort was made via social media to find any family members who might be interested in the photo. To date, there has been no response.

For the last ten years or so, this framed photo has been wrapped up in a blanket and tucked away in storage. Obviously, it's not doing any good sitting in a storage unit.

This Wednesday, February 26, is Ash Wednesday. What a perfect time to get this photo to a member of Ms. Ochoa's family or at least someone who will enjoy it. The photo was taken in the Grand Junction area, so I can't help but think she has family or friends still in the area.

Let's find a good home for this photo. Do you recognize her? Do you know any members of her family? I've already asked via social media, and have contacted the Catholic churches in the area. Unfortunately, there's been no response. I don't want anything for the photo. Let's just get it to its proper home.

Ash Wednesday is only two days away, so please share this via social media so we can have the photo home by February 26.

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