Labor Day is close at hand, and it seemed fitting to pay tribute to the hard working men and women of Western Colorado. Winter, summer, spring or fall, Grand Junction peeps work hard 365. Let's take a look at our locals bustin' their buns via the lens of late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant.

Over they years, I've put together a handful of videos featuring my grandpa's photos. Many of these are based on specific themes. Here's a collection of videos showcasing residents of Grand Junction, Palisade, Fruita, Clifton, Ouray, and Montrose, doing what they do best.

Grand Junction railroad workers of the past

Where would Grand Junction be without our first responders?

How about those crews that made our roads and bridges?

How about the farmers and fruit growers?

Here's to you, working men and women of Colorado! Please take a moment to recognize all the hard working people out there making Western Colorado great.

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