Here are the five funniest photos I could find on Grand Junction Instagram this week. Enjoy.

They say art in undefinable. But, I believe I can define these Grand Junction Instagram photos as downright funny.

1) Dogs In Space? Not sure what is going on here. Why the words Friday and Sound? It reminds me of the classic Droopy cartoons. 

2) Skeletons are always funny, if not a little creepy as well. What exactly is that little one looking at?

3) Good luck trying to get this particular image out of your head. Not enough Ajax to scrub it clean. 

4) I love cats because they have an attitude. There is something in this cat's eyes. Like, "dude, really with the tree and the presents again?" 

5) If the turkey doesn't make you at least giggle, the saying certainly should. It sums the Holidays very nicely. 

If you think have better ones, by all means, let us see them. Email us or you can post them in the "COMMENTS" section of our Facebook page.

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