Top five things someone from Colorado would never, ever do. How many did you pass?

The website onlyinyourstate compiled a list of 13 actual things that true Coloradans simply can NOT do. Here are five of my favorites:

  • Order a Bud or a Bud Light. Or even worse, a Coors Light. SHUDDER.
  • Choose a cat over a dog. Nothing (really) against cats but we LOVE our dogs here. Ruff!
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  • Turn down a hike. Ever.
Waylon Jordan

Buy an ounce from your old dealer. New laws. New strategy.

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Travel ANYWHERE outside of the state to go skiing. The best is here.

  • BONUS: This one is a given, but still should be mentioned. NEVER, NEVER cheer for the Raiders or Chiefs. It's Broncos or else.
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You have to check out the rest of the list. I simply picked these five because they ring the truest for me.

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