Coloradans are proud people. They love their guns, the oil and gas industry, and hate (most) transplants. If you say one of these sentences to a Coloradan, you'll definitely make them angry.

We all know Colorado's disdain for Texans, Californians, and people who want to change this great state. But these are the things we're tired of hearing.

A quick note about political things. Because I, the writer, feel you shouldn't discuss politics, money or religion, we'll keep those out this post to make it more friendly.

Weed, Marijuana, Hippie Lettuce, the Pot

"Got any weed? Everyone smokes here, right?"

"You're one of those dope fiends we've heard about."

Transplants, Texans, Californians

**Anyone from Texas: "Breathes" **Anyone from Colorado:😡

"That's how we do it in California"

Sports Fanatics

"I love the Patriots."

"The Broncos suck!"

"Come on, Raiders!"

Driving in Colorado

"I won't take any chains, blankets, or snacks because I'm from (insert state) and can drive through any avalanche on your interstate."

"I'm from (insert any state other than Colorado). I know how to drive in the snow on I-70"

"Your Subaru is ugly and unnecessary."

Stupidest Question Ever

"At what elevation do deer turn to elk?" -- we answered this for you.

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