Coloradans will gladly say they live in the best state of the Union, and we couldn't agree more.

Not only do we have majestic mountains, a laundry list of breweries, Colorado was the birthplace of America the Beautiful! Can't argue with that.

We thought long and hard to what makes us proud to live in this great state, so here's what we came up with.

#1. Mountains

Colorado Mountains
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Sure, other states have mountains, but nothing like the Centennial State.

#2. Beer

10 Things That Will Make You Proud to Be from Colorado
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We kinda are beer snobs, and why shouldn't we be? With over 200 craft breweries in the state producing over 1.6-million barrels of beer, can you blame us?

#3. Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods
Google Street View

Is there any other state can say they have a garden just for the Gods?

#4. South Park

Not only do we know this is a real place, we actually know where it is.

#5. Chipotle

You're welcome world. Sorry stomach.

#6. The Seasons

All Four Seasons
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Where else can you experience Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall all in the same day?

#7. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Yep! We're proud to eat bull balls.

#8. The Sun

Not only do we have 300+ days of the Sun, it also paints beautiful pictures for us.

#9. We're Always High

We're Always High
Tim Gray

We're not talking about Colorado's legal recreational pot -- if that's your thing, we'll hook you up with that too -- but, we're the only state with an average elevation above 3,200 feet.

#10. John Elway!

John Elway
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Need we say more?

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