Taking a look back on 2015, we at KEKB have shared a ton of local stories, viral videos and awesome things that are happening right here in Grand Junction. As the editor, I wanted to share my favorite stories that just happened to be some of the most view stories of the year.

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    Colorado Banned Vanity Plates Will Make You Giggle

    Getty Images

    This post was fun to create. After scrolling through the ACLU of Colorado list of banned license plates, we found some that were downright funny, others were borderline pornographic and others left us scratching our heads.

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    Texans Fail at Pronouncing Colorado Names

    There was nothing more fun than working with our friends in Abilene, Texas on this video.

    There are a ton of strange names throughout Colorado, and these Texans proved just that. We laughed until we cried at some of these pronunciations.

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    Grand Junction Man Devastated by Hooters Closure, Pens Saddest, Sauceless Letter Ever

    Townsquare Media

    This guy really loved Hooter's! So much he had to write a letter saying how devastated he was after learning the saucy establishment was closing.

    Via his letter, he shares the enthusiasm he felt when Hooter’s opened six years ago, and the sadness he must now endure.

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    Is This Grand Junction Sign the Coolest Thing Ever? [PHOTO]

    Amy Markakis

    Waylon had a friend share this photo with him that she captured at a local soccer game.

    Not only was this one of the highest viewed posts on the year, the photo was lifted and shared around Facebook all over the country.

    The sign itself is a great message to parents of kids who play sports.

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    Everything Delaney Clements

    Delaney Clements via Facebook

    Who couldn't love this super-strong chick? 13-year-old Delaney Clements is battling cancer, and has one life wish, to meet Taylor Swift.

    Delaney has melted all of Townsquare Media Grand Junction hearts with her strength, neverending smile and killer personality.