Sure, this isn't something we all sit around and ponder, but heck, we don't mind simple math.

The Thrillist shared a post with the same questions only asking about Texas, so we just had to know how long it would take to have sex with everyone in Colorado.

Apparently, this question was asked on reddit, "If you had sex with the last thing you googled how would it go?" and it got awkward after that. Reddit user, beauty_and_the_beach, had recently Googled Texas' population, and said,

"Texas population
Damn, I'm gonna be busy..."

Yes, yes you will. The numbers for Texas total 518 years for men and 576 years for women.

How did they come up with these numbers? Here's how:

  • Men average 4 minutes in bed
  • Women average 5 minutes in bed
  • You get a 5-minute break between partners

Let's look at Colorado. As of July 1, 2015, there are 5,355,866 people that reside in this colorful state. We'll take the 1.5% population growth into account, which will give us 5,436,204 for 2015.

Here's where the number crunching comes in:


  • 5,436,204 x 9 = 48,925,836 minutes
  • 815,430 hours
  • 33,976 days
  • 93 years


  • 5,436,204 x 10 = 54,362,040 minutes
  • 906,034 hours
  • 37,751 days
  • 103 years

Obviously, you don't get a choice if your partner is male or female, it's just a part of science.

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