Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about Charles and Tara, who have been together for 15 years. Here's how the couple's super cheesy Grand Junction love story started.

Charles and Tara have been together for the past 15 years and their relationship started with cheese. They went out on a date to a cheese-making class in downtown Grand Junction and the rest is history. According to Charles, they've been eating and making food together ever since.

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They recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary just a couple of days ago. Their relationship started with cheese and continues to be centered around it.  Charles and Tara own Underdog Cheese food truck in Palisade together.

They told us that they originally wanted to create a cheese-making operation here in the Grand Valley, which they still want to do, but started their food truck first was more feasible.

Charles and Tara's food truck also revolves around cheese, just like their relationship, because they serve lots of cheesy deliciousness. Some of their favorite things about the Grand Vally are the views, the great outdoors, and especially the food and the booze.

They love cooking and having a business together because it allows them to travel a lot, make money together, and spend time together. Charles and Tara constantly inspired by the different food they've tried while traveling and then bring the new things they like to their food truck.

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