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The only thing better than talking about delicious food is actually chowing down on the deliciousness. Just about every good person in the world loves some biscuits and gravy (although we all pronounce it biscuits 'n gravy). And before I go any further I haven't tried the biscuits and gravy from the place I kept hearing from people as having 'the best biscuits and gravy in Grand Junction. So, this is not any sort of paid endorsement. I just love to eat. :)

There is something magical about a homemade biscuit and topped with thick country gravy, preferably with sausage in the gravy. It's such a fantastic comfort food for people to start their day, but really it's good any time of the day.

When I saw the question asked on social media earlier this week I started asking friends, co-workers, and my wife I got a variety of answers, but the same name kept popping up and that was The Buttered Biscuit food truck that sits in Sutherland's parking lot.

As I said there were quite a few fantastic restaurants mentioned, here is a shout out to all of them:

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