Hooters is no more in Grand Junction, and one local resident is "devastated." Unbeknownst to Grand Valley residents, the local restaurant has been facing closure, and as of September 7, 2015 is no longer open for business.

David A. Argenta, a resident of Grand Junction, dropped off the below letter to us expressing his sadness regarding the closure of his favorite restaurant. Via his letter, he shares the enthusiasm he felt when Hooter's opened six years ago, and the sadness he must now endure.

David's letter to the editor reads as follows:

As I pulled up to an empty parking lot at the now vacant Grand Junction Hooters, previously located at 2880 North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado, an eerie silence descended upon me as my heart sank. Slowly getting out of my car, I walked up to the locked front door and read the sign... "HOOTERS We Are Closed... Effective 9/7/15. Hooters will be closing its doors in Grnad Junction. We would like to thank our loyal guests for 6 great years and hope to see you all at any one of our 7 Front Range locations."

I remember vivivdly when I wrote to Restaurants of America (ROA) in Atlanta, GA, the home office of Hooters, in 2001, excitely building up Grand Junction, Colorado, as a prime location for a future Hooters restaurant. It wasn't until December 7, 2009, that dream became a reality. I recall the packed restaurant, full of life, the pretty Hooters girls, and the newly installed wide screen TV's at every angle displaying every sports event possible. I'll never forget it because as I mention to the Hooters girls wait staff and managers there on more than one occasion, Hooters was just like family to me.

Now, there is but silence where once laughter, cheers, and song rang out. It's an empty shell of a building, and I feel so much older tonight as if a family member or a close friend has just passed away.

Oh, the powers to be in lil', very lil' Grand Junction, Colorado, will attempt to fill the empty shell of the building with another business, and I predict there will be many future unsuccessful attempts to replace the heart and soul there that was once Hooters. I, for one, have no reason to frequent nor even visit East North Avenue any more, and there is a gaping hole that will remain for a very, very long time on the site where the Grand Junction Hooters used to be."  Sincerely - David A. Argenta

Most of us could only wish someone would read as touching a eulogy at our funeral. This gentleman is sincerely wounded by this restaurant's closure.

David is correct - Hooters had a great staff, some killer burgers, and a primo location. We feel your pain, David, and wish you the best of luck in your search for a new hangout, one capable of filling the void in your heart.

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