Matador Network recently posted a list of "30 Things You Will Never Hear Someone From Colorado Say," so we decided to make our own fun list of things you'll never hear someone from Western Colorado say.

Here's our list, anything you would add?

10. Olathe corn? Meh. It's OK.

9. What's a mountain bike?

8. I'm in the mood for a Georgia peach!

7. Sunblock? Never touch the stuff.

6. How can you be lost? I said 2123-1/2 D-1/2 Road.

5. I wish this inversion would stick around all winter.

4. I wish the wind would pick up, I want to go fly a kite.

3. Man! This traffic is horrible. It's taking me over an hour to get to work.

2. I'm so sick of driving these straight roads.

1. We might as well be Utah.