As long as the weatherperson isn't lying, we're gonna see some down-right cold temperatures and some of that fluffy white stuff they call snow. That led us to wonder what's the absolute worst winter weather Colorado has suffered through. Bundle up and enjoy.

Colorado isn't a stranger to snow, cold, and ice. While some of its residents enjoy heading to the mountains to frolic in the snow, others can't wait for the warmer temperatures to return.

Let's take a look at some of the extreme weather-related statistics we discovered.

Coldest Temperature in Colorado

Fraiser, Colo. holds the lowest mean temperature in the state at 32.5 degrees annually, but that's nothing compared to the lowest temperature ever recorded. That honor goes to Maybell, Colo. This small town east of Denver recorded -61 degrees Fahrenheit on February 1, 1985. Brrr.

For comparison, the lowest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was -79.8 degrees Fahrenheit at Prospect Creek Camp in Alaska.

Colorado's Biggest 24-Hour Snow Total

Pow, gnar, champagne; whatever you call it, Coloradans (most of us) love our snow. We've seen some big snowstorms throughout the years, but what's the most snow to ever fall in 24 hours?

The blizzard of 1921 dropped a total of 76 (just over 6 feet) inches of snow on Silver Lake, Colo. in 24 hours. The blizzard didn't let up for 32 and a half hours leaving 95 inches (almost 8 feet) of snow in its wake. This is the current snowfall record for the U.S.

Colorado's Biggest Annual Snow Accumulation

It's not uncommon to see a snow shower year-round in the mountains of Colorado. Every year hundreds of inches of snow blanket the mountains, making for great skiing conditions and horrible driving conditions. We know what you're asking, what's the most that ever fell in the state?

In 1948, Wolf Creek Pass Ski Resort reported 520 inches of snow in one year. That's 43 feet of snow. That's nothing compared to Mt. Baker in Washington, who holds the annual snowfall record at 1,140 inches of snow -- that's 95 feet. See, Colorado doesn't have it that bad.

Like it or not, winter is here. Grab some hot cocoa and a snuggle buddy, and we'll see you in the spring.

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