Facebook used to be where everyone went to satisfy their online scrolling fix. However, Instagram has pretty much forced Facebook into being an “app from the past” with its appeal to the younger generations with its overall ‘chill’ atmosphere.

Instagram offers a calmer alternative to social media for those of us with more subtle internet feed motives.

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words — making Instagram’s approach to worldwide-web content more desirable and relaxed, while still leaving the floor open in the comments section for anyone seeking debate.

Here are Fort Collins' best spots for the 'gram.

  1. Horsetooth Reservoir

Picture this - beautiful mountains, a wide, blue lake and a plethora of flora and fauna everywhere you turn. With a view like this, Horsetooth Reservoir is the ideal photoshoot excursion for any nature-lover.

  1. Old Town Square and Downtown

Next time you are at Bondi Beach Bar getting $2 Vegas Bombs on college night (and don’t act like we all haven’t done this), take a minute to look around at the unique Old Town Square in Downtown Fort Collins. While the square is the nighttime hot-spot for college students on Thursdays-Saturdays, it is the same ecstatic heart of Downtown FoCo during the day too; making this hangout full of photo ops for your Instagram feed.

  1. Cache La Poudre River/Canyon

The scenic Cache La Poudre River/Canyon is a nice switch from the busy hiking spots in Fort Collins, Colorado. With its hidden beauty and eccentric tubing opportunities, Cache La Poudre River is the perfect outdoor day getaway for people of all ages.

  1. CSU Annual Flower Trial Garden

If you have ever driven down College Avenue in Fort Collins around the Colorado State University campus, the CSU Annual Flower Trial Garden will have caught your eye. Compiled of different flower species, this garden will add a pop of color and elegance to any Instagram post.

  1. The Oval at CSU

Not only is the oval at Colorado State University great for graduation and student-type photography, but its aesthetic and natural-arching framework works for wedding photography, an outdoorsy outfit-of-the-day type photoshoot or even just a luscious forest background to maintain that ‘Colorado’ theme on your Instagram feed.

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