Someone sent me a message telling me how I helped them get through a tough time and it was absolutely heartwarming. This is why I love being a DJ.

I recently received a message on my Instagram that nearly brought me to tears - happy tears, that is. Matt Klouzek told us that he recently had two spinal surgeries in two weeks and was in the hospital for an entire week because of it. Matt says that listening to me helped him get through it easier.

Here's part of the message Matt sent me:

I was really getting down the second time I was in, and your cheery disposition and completely positive attitude really helped me to buck up and get through it.

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He goes on to thank you for being you and how listening to my show really raised his spirits. I can't tell you how much messages like this mean to me. While I helped Matt get through a tough time, he also helped me. I wasn't having the best day yesterday but when I saw Matt's message this morning, I knew today was going to be great.

Matt Klouzek also told me that he listens to my show because I always have a happy tone and positivity. Fun fact - the 'Selin' in Alicia Selin literally means happiness and I feel that it's my duty to spread it. This is exactly why I love being a DJ.

I love keeping people in the know about what's going in the Grand Valley, I love talking about how your kids left 39 chicken nuggets in the back of your car and they're now hard as a brick - but most of all, I love helping people and making them happy. If I can put a smile on your face or make you feel just a little less alone, then I've done my job.

Here's one of the heartwarming messages Matt Klouzek sent us that we're going to keep forever:

Helping People Through Tough Times: This is Why I Love Being a DJ
Alicia Selin/Matt Klouzek

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