I'm not against drinking, in fact I love to crack open a cold beer or drink a cocktail but there is too much drinking in driving in the state of Colorado.

It was disgusting to find out that almost 350 DUI's were handed out in Colorado between December 27th and January 2nd. Those numbers actually increased from last year during the same date range. Lets also remember these are only the ones that got caught.

With ride sharing services so readily available it doesn't make sense to me why someone would risk their life and others instead of paying a few dollars for someone else to give them a ride home.

So often when people go out for drinks they're scrolling through social media, if they took the time to post asking for a ride home in almost every circumstance they would have at least one friend that would be willing to give them a ride home. I know I would be happy to give any of my friends a ride home so they can avoid injuring themselves or others. The cost of a DUI is one thing but ending someones life is always a possibility when getting behind the wheel when intoxicated.

Personally, there was one DUI that will stick with me for the rest of my life. In 1994 my father's brother (my uncle) was driving intoxicated with his two sons in the truck with him. They crashed and one of his sons (my cousin) was thrown from the truck and killed instantly. The other two in the vehicle were in bad shape but survived.

Since then I've chosen to stay away from that part of my extended family. While I understand it was a mistake, when he decided to do something that killed my cousin, that was something I choose not to forgive. I just don't want that in my life.

So, please don't do this to your family. Don't drink and drive. It's just not worth it. And the only way I can see that we will see these numbers go down in the state of Colorado is if we create more harsh DUI laws.

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