How are the Colorado marijuana DUI numbers compared to last year?

So far, in 2017, the Colorado Department of Transportation reports that the number of marijuana-related DUI arrests are down by more than 33 percent from 2016.

But, what does that really mean? Fewer Coloradans smoking pot? Less driving after we they smoke? Or is it more difficult to determine what under the influence is when it comes to sticky of the ickiest?

It might be the latter because CDOT officials have stated that their findings reveal more than 55 percent of Colorado marijuana users still think that it is safe to drive after using.

As for the numbers, here are they break down.

From January to March of this year (2017) there were 155 citations issued for marijuana DUI. That is compared to the same time last year (2016) where there were 232 cases.

CDOT officials are glad that number is significantly down, but it may not be for all the right reasons.

I'm pretty sure no one will put their name and face on responses to whether they smoke and drive, and that's alright. We all have the right to privacy. But, I'm sure everyone out there would want others to really think about the possible results of driving after consuming. Just be smart and be careful.

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