Authorities are trying to catch western Colorado criminals, but sometimes there isn't much to go on. Police are looking for a suspect in a recent medical marijuana dispensary burglary, but it may be too late to catch the thief.

Here's What Happened

In the early morning hours of April 5, someone broke into a medical marijuana dispensary in the 5000 block of North Townsend/Highway 50 in Montrose. The thief took several items, although police did not reveal what the items were or their value. A surveillance photo was captured of the thief in action.

The Problem

We see these crime posts from local law enforcement agencies, but quite often, it's not until weeks after the crime has been committed. As one person commented on the Montrose County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, "Why was this just released yesterday... you'd think putting a picture out the next day would be more helpful instead of a week later." I've often wondered this very thing when I see a Crime of the Week post that comes out several weeks after the crime. I don't know why it often happens that way, but I also don't have the knowledge of what's involved in the process of getting information out to the public. Maybe it can't be helped.

Here's another problem that we have seen countless times. Quite often we have surveillance photos from the scene of a crime, but they are so blurry and fuzzy a positive identification is all but impossible. More than one person commented on the MCSO Facebook page about the need for local businesses to have better surveillance equipment. Obviously, better equipment means more expense to the business but it seems the cost would be worth it for the chance to provide better security for their business.

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If You Can Help

Having said all that, and considering we don't have a lot to go on based upon the accompanying crime scene photo, if you have information about this crime please contact Crime Stoppers at 970-249-8500 or visit their website


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