We all know that drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is a bad idea. There are so many choices to get home safely like calling a friend, calling a rideshare program (like Uber or Lyft), or just post online that you need a sober ride home.

But unfortunately, even with all of these options available some people still choose to drink and drive. The consequences could mean losing your license, facing thousands of dollars in fines or possibly killing yourself or someone else. The punishments are life-changing yet we see people made the wrong choice almost daily.

I was nervous to find out how many DUI's took place after Cinco de Mayo.

To get started I checked the police blotter for the Grand Junction Police Department, but there were none. After seeing that I thought the Mesa County Sheriff's probably had a few but after calling their office they too had ZERO DUI's to report. It was then that I was instructed to contact the Colorado State Patrol as they handle most DUI enforcement across the whole state. We are still awaiting a phone call back from the Colorado State Patrol and will update information after hearing from them.

It was encouraging to see zero DUI's here locally after celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Let's just hope it's because Western Colorado citizens know not to drink and drive.

The Colorado State Patrol wants to remind citizens that if they suspect a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are on the road to call them immediately by dialing *277 and you will be connected with an on-duty officer.

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