Warning  from a listener who was recently "friended" by a person posing as Jason Aldean!

I was contacted by a woman we'll call AlFan with a warning for our listeners.

AlFan says two days ago she received a Facebook friend request from none other than Jason Aldean himself!

After accepting his request she received a private message from someone obviously not Jason Aldean! I mean can you hear him saying this?

Hello Boo, How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and liking my page & God Bless you.. I sent you a request on here because you are a very beautiful woman and you seem to be a very nice person that i would like to know more about, God has a reason for all purpose, Are you single? if yes here is my private cell # (626) 539-3445 drop me a message and i will get back to you asap. baby please dont share my number with anyone.. Kisses & Hugs for you

Of course she attempted to call the number in Pasadena, Cali. and received a text back late last night. Long story short this person ended up asking AlFan if he could trust her and if she'd be his lady!

That's when the scam pitch came; this person asked her if she could help him get some money out of an account because he was too busy and texted her the website and contact name in regards to his money.

AlFan was told that this person calling himself Jason Aldean kept $198,000 with a security company and received notice that they want to shut down and he needed to collect his money. She was also provided with this contact info Security Company Assured Service Security Company contact Mr James Miller. Custodian Manager. At assuredservicedeliveryman.com

Since she reported this information she has discovered both the page and account have been deleted, but wanted to let the Country music community know because she,

felt this info had to be shared just doesn't add up

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