Here are four reasons why you should always be checking out the Western Slope Craigslist. The best of the week. The oddest of the week. 

1) Used Breast Pump- Not sure how I would feel either purchasing this or receiving this (if I was a mother). Yes, you would save some money and the word 'sterilized' is used in the add, but something still seems a little odd. Check out the ad yourself. 

2) Several boxes of Adult Diapers - First, they are unopened. That makes me feel a little more at ease. This package comes with shower chair and a walker. For the asking price click here.

3) Cannabis - Wait, what? Can you do this? The ad DOES say you must be 21. But, the add also is title 'Extra Nug.' Might not be the top brass we are dealing with here. But, if 'extra nug' is what you want here you go.

4) Wedding/Engagment rings - This is always sad. But, maybe it shouldn't be. This couple probably wasn't going to last too long anyway, but I'm sure the guy wishes that was something he learned BEFORE he bought the rings. Makes you wonder what happened to cause this break-up?? If you're ready to make that plunge and are in search of a deal on rings, check it out.










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