You've witnessed your coworkers doing some pretty gross things at work. These are some of the grossest things you've seen happen at your work place.

I have seen my coworkers do things that I just can't unsee. After asking you on Facebook, I found out that unfortunately, lots of other people are in the same boat I am. You would think people would keep it professional at work, but they don't.

I just have one question -- why? It really makes you wonder why they chose to eat their omelet in the bathroom. So they can eat and do their business at the same? Regardless of the answer to that, it's just gross.

No, not the biscuits! I can't imagine who could have the audacity to know they sweat into the biscuit dough and continue making them knowing people are going to consume their sweaty biscuits. Michael was traumatized by the sweaty biscuits. I am too Michael, I am too.

Ew, right off the bat this is disgusting. Kaila goes onto say that the coworker did this on a daily basis and was in their late 20s. They could definitely find a tissue, or a different time to pick their nose.

This is one of the many reasons I wash any utensils or coffee cups at work before I use them. I guess this coworker had no shame in his game, considering he wasn't the only one that witness this disgusting act. I wonder if it's just a coworker acting in his natural habitat or is out of spite?

I don't even know how or why this one happened. It's unclear if they were trying to stir the ice or just clean off the fly swatter. I think I'll skip the ice here -- and also anything else they serve.

I didn't order nuts with the burger, gross.

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