Let's create the Grand Junction Ten Commandments. Those things that, if you live here, you must abide by. All in good fun, of course.

Just as Moses hiked up Mt. Sinai to retrieve the words of the covenant, let's hike up Mt. Garfield and create the ultimate list of commandments that we should have to follow in order for you to live in Grand Junction.

  • Thou shall enjoy a glass or two of our local wine. (legal age of course)
  • Thou shall not take the name of George Crawford in vain
  • Thou must attend Country Jam
  • Thou shall not properly use their turn signals
  • Thou shall get tired of telling people 'no, we're not near Denver'
  • Thou must love to hike or bike
  • Thou must honor the Bear and the Swan
  • Thou must not take the beauty of this area for granted
  • Thou shall not commit a left turn
  • Thou shall not order a Natty Light

These are 10 I came up with, but I am sure there are a ton more. Let us know your suggestions. Leave them in the comment section of our Facebook page. Thanks!

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